About SkyTrace™

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We are a connectivity company that puts data to work for people and businesses. We solve tricky problems with responsive solutions that incorporate solid tracking, mobile applications, and incredible customer service for maximum peace of mind.

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Vertical Market Segments for which SkyTrace™ has customer solutions:

  • Fleet and Transportation
    • Trucking Industry – End to End haul and Mid-Range Trucking Companies – Last Mile Delivery;
    • Freight & Cargo Industry – Protecting trailers and carrier loads for Freight Forwarders/Brokers who don’t own the equipment;
    • Transportation & Busing specializing on special needs busing & transportation.
  • Consumer
    • Auto Dealers – Dealer centric model – Optimizes & improves every customer’s security and provides Dealer Roadside Assistance and service with a website specifically targeted to the dealer’s business;
    • Cattle Industry – cattle and range tracking for security and land management.
  • Services Industry
    • Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Disaster Clean-up, Installation, Delivery;
    • Healthcare Services – Client, personnel and route management;
    • Construction Industry – Equipment control and product delivery to sites;
    • Government Entities – Fleet and equipment solutions including snowplow management.
  • Government Entities– Fleet and equipment solutions including snowplow management.Products and Services – Online and Mobile:
    • Leasing Programs for Clients: The ability to place the entire offering into a monthly payment scenario through leasing programs would allow greater penetration in the vertical markets.
    • 1st to Market with Dynamic GeoFencing of Routes and Stops
    • Automobile inventory location tracking and maintenance tracking for dealerships
    • Applications for concierge services for automobile consumers
    • Applications for Payment Collection Platform
    • Real time capabilities to track, trace, and manage buses, trucks and trailers from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.
    • Real time capabilities to track, trace, and manage children with disabilities within any facility, bus, or RFID controlled environment anywhere, anytime.
    • Provide integrated GPS GeoFencing Vehicle tracking and tracing systems for Truck and Trailer Fleet across all locations that would seamlessly integrate with companies Accounting and Dispatch program
    • Provide End to End Fleet Management by adding Fleet Maintenance and Asset Management Software to improve maintenance of vehicles, to minimize DL Total Cost of Ownership and Maximize Operating Profits
    • Software Platforms utilizing best of breed technologies: GPS, GSM, Cell-ID, & RFID